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20 Harry Potter cast icons in 20 days

HP Cast 20in20
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What is hpcast20in20?

The basic idea of a 20in20 icon challenge is to create 20 icons in 20 days. The first community to come up with that idea was celeb20in20 and ever since its creation, many other 20in20s have popped up all over LJ, and today, there is one about pretty much any movie/tv show/band/actor, etc. Here at hpcast20in20, the focus obviously lies on the actors and actresses who have played a part in the Harry Potter movies.

How exactly does this work?

Between the 20th and 25th of every month, a mod will post the sign-up post. If you'd like to participate, you leave a comment, claiming the actor or actress of your choice, and you will be added to the list. On the last day of the month, a mod will post the themes and table codes for the round, and that's when you can start making your icons. You have 20 days to complete your set. Afterwards, there will be a voting period, and at the end of the round, the winners will get banners as a reward.

Are there any requirements I need to fulfil in order to participate?

Not really, no. If you sign up, you should complete your set within the given time. There will be no extensions, but if you don't manage to submit icons for a round you signed up for, it's not really a big deal. If you keep signing up without submitting, however, I will probably have to exclude you at some point.

You don't need to be an experienced icon maker in order to participate. As long as you can crop a picture to 100x100px, you may participate. I do, however, expect to see that you actually put some effort into your work. If it's very obvious that you didn't spend more than five minutes on your twenty icons, I will be very disappointed ;)

Who wins and gets a banner?

First of all, everyone who successfully submits their icons within the twenty days, will get a participation banner. Win banners are reserved for...

- the best icon for each of the 10 themes
- the top three sets of category icons
- the top three sets of artist's choice icons
- the top three category icons
- the top three artist's choice icons
- two mod's choice icons for category and artist's choice

Themes? Category? Artist's Choice? What does that mean?

You will get prompts for your first 15 icons. There are 10 Themes icons, and 5 Category icons - Themes can be anything, from a simple word to a complicated icon technique. I will, however, make sure that it's all doable, even for icon-making beginners. What you show in the last 5 icons is completely up to you.

General Rules & Information

+ Please only sign up when you think you have the time to complete your icons. If something comes up, we won't kill you and you will still be allowed to sign up for the next round. If it happens again, though, you will have to skip a round.

+ All icons must be new and specifically made for this challenge.

+ All icons must be made by you. I shouldn't even have to say this but if we find that you're posting other people's icons, you will be disqualified immediately.

+ All icons must fit the LJ standards: 100x100 pixels, a maximum size of 40kb and saved as a .png, .jpg or .gif. Animations are not allowed.

+ All icons should be rated PG-13 or lower. We all like Daniel Radcliffe's nudity scenes in Equus, but for this challenge, you may only show the upper part of his body ;)

+ Post your icons to your own journal or your icon community. Then you can make a post to this community, showing 3 teaser icons and a link back to the post where we can find your set. Your posts must all be public until the end of a round. This is important because we need to be able to see the icons to post voting - and honestly, people shouldn't have to join your community to admire your work.

+ Use the following standard Subject line to keep everything clean and organised: Round #(number) - (name of actor)

+ Tag your entries with the following tags: user: (your username), round (number), entries: round (number), actor: (name)

+ Also important is that you comment on the other participants' posts. We all make icons to get feedback, so even if you feel, you have nothing complimentary to say, you could make the effort of commenting with a simple: "Nice icons!"

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